About the Firm

For many years, probably more than you are old, I had represented large corporations and insurance companies. I had used all my skill, experience, and power to defend them. The people that ran the insurance companies and the corporations, the people that I had dealt with were good people, honest and dedicated to their company, and the cases that I had won for them should have been won. I came to realize, though, that regardless of who caused the pain, regardless of who was right or wrong, the people that I was defending the companies against were hurt, suffering deep searing pain, pain that would last forever. When the trial was over, I may have saved the companies thousands, even millions of dollars and the verdict may have been just, but I saw a once robust man unable to walk, unable to see or unable to go to the bathroom himself leave the courtroom with his family, sometimes crying, certain that he would never be able to hold his children, earn a living, love his wife and certain that he would never ever have the money to care for himself or his family or to make up for his pain. My heart was with him. I wanted to represent him.

Initially, I only had cases that other lawyers would not take. The injuries were great, but proving that they were caused by others or that the others could be held responsible for them was difficult. I invested my time and thousands of dollars in experts and was successful. While past success is not a sign of future success, if I take your case I will devote myself and my resources to you and to your family and to your success. I have limited my practice. I only take cases when a person is hurt physically or emotionally and, to the extent permitted, where my fee is based on the recovery of my client.

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