A Word On Contingency Fees

A contingent fee is an agreement where a lawyer is paid a percentage of the recovery of a client. The risk is all on the lawyer. If there is no recovery, the lawyer is not paid anything and is not reimbursed for his costs, including what he has paid to experts.

If you were rich and could afford to pay a lawyer $450.00 or even a $1,000.00 an hour and the person you hurt could not afford to pay a lawyer an hourly fee for the 100's or even 1000's of hours it takes to sue or to pay experts to investigate his case, you would want to ban contingent fees because without them you would not be sued. The victim is hurt, is out of work and even if he could afford a lawyer before he was hurt, cannot now.

Contingent fees are the only way the small can stand up to the big. They are the equalizer. I enter into a contingent fee in all the cases I take where a person is hurt. I only am paid a fee and only reimbursed for the costs I have paid if there is a recovery.