When You Are Hurt

When someone is hurt, when you get that call at home, your first question is not how much money will he get. You ask is he alright, why isn't he on the phone, can he talk, is he conscious, is he alive. Only later when he is home from the hospital does that sinking feeling hit the pit of your stomach. He is hurt, he is in pain, he has nightmares, he cannot work, and we have no money, and no money is coming in, to pay for medical insurance, car insurance, electricity, heating, school supplies and the bills keep mounting and mounting and mounting.

Those are my concerns. I see for myself. I see his hurt. I see him in the hospital. I meet with his doctors. I see his treatment. I meet with other doctors, other experts. I determine what is going to happen to him, what treatment is required now, what will be required later, how long will it be required, will it ever end. I meet with him in his home. I meet his family. I meet his friends. I find out what he could do before, how he worked, how he had spent his time, what he can do now. I find out what it will take for him to recover, whether he will ever recover, what he sees in his dreams, what he thinks about, what's below the surface.

Doctor bills, hospital bills, medicines, loss wages are just the tip of the iceberg. Not being able to do the things you had done before, not feeling the way you had before, seeing other people doing what had been able to do, seeing others walk without pain, not being able to walk, being angry, not being able to hold your wife or husband, seeing your children playing and not being able to laugh with them, to guide them, to enjoy them, to hold them, having a gnawing constant pain, having a deep searing pain, thinking, always thinking, dreaming, not being able to sleep, not being able to get away from how you are feeling, having no escape, these are things that count, that hurt, things that you should be compensated for as well as for your doctor bills, hospital bills, medicines, loss wages, regardless of whether your insurance pays your medical bills and your employer or workman's compensation pays your wages.

I don't advertise as a bulldog. I won't appear on television with a chainsaw. I won't scream, "money, money, money." I limit the cases I take. If, though, I take your case, I will devote myself to you and to your family.